Sunday, May 22

Quiche of the Day

quiche lorraine

Soup of the Day

spring pea & mint

Sandwiches of the Day

roasted turkey breast - boursin-style cheese, caramelized onions, orange cranberry relish and baby spinach dressed with dijon mustard vinaigrette on our housemade cornmeal bread

tuna melt - tuna salad with white cheddar, tomatoes, celery and cornichons on marble rye bread


Saturday, May 21

Quiche of the Day

ham & jarlsberg

Soup of the Day

red bean with tomato & bacon

Sandwiches of the Day

parisian baguette - thinly sliced ham with cornichons, hard boiled eggs, salted butter and dijon mustard

fresh mozzarella panini - balsamic roasted plum tomatoes and walnut basil pesto on housemade rosemary focaccia


Friday, May 20

Quiche of the Day

spinach ricotta

Soup of the Day

roasted eggplant

Sandwiches of the Day

smoked ham with italian salami - thinly sliced ham and Italian salami with provolone, giardiniera, tomato, romaine lettuce and fresh basil with red wine vinaigrette on housemade rosemary focaccia

grilled cheddar & apple - sharp cheddar cheese and crisp granny smith apple slices with walnut dijon mustard on our housemade Italian sandwich loaf


Thursday, May 19

Quiche of the Day


Soup of the Day

split pea & ham

Sandwiches of the Day

egg salad club - white pepper, arugula and sweet butter on our housemade sandwich loaf

grilled reuben - sauerkraut, jarlsberg and thousand island dressing grilled on marble rye


Wednesday, May 18

quiche of the day

broccoli & cheese

soup of the day

mixed vegetable

sandwiches of the day

roast beef - herb roasted, thinly sliced and layered with artichoke hearts, beefsteak tomato, horseradish cream and arugula on seeded multigrain

grilled feta cheese with hummus - roasted red pepper, tomato, red onion and pepperoncini salsa on housemade rosemary focaccia


Tuesday, May 17


tomato, basil & mozzarella


potato with spinach


turkey avocado - plum tomato, dijon mayonnaise, and mixed greens in lemon vinaigrette on our housemade sandwich loaf

grilled fontinaherb roasted peppers, plum tomatoes and zucchini on garlic-buttered housemade italian sandwich loaf