Taking Special Orders

Taking special orders is one of our most important tasks. As FOH members, we are critical links between our customers and the kitchen and it is up to each and every one of us to ensure we are communicating clearly.

When taking an order please keep these things in mind:

  • Ask a manager immediately if you are unsure of an answer to a customer question. This is not the right time to improvise!

  • Certain items have one dozen minimums- this includes cupcakes, decorated cookies, macarons, finger tarts and other items that are not made on a daily basis

  • Certain items need more time to be made. Always check with the kitchen or a manager if you are not sure if we can have a certain item for a certain day (most items can be ordered with 48 hours notice)

  • Remember that we need two business days for a custom cake order. Remember that we are closed Monday

  • Always check with a manager before setting up any delivery. We will need to check the date, time, address and delivery charge

  • Please watch your handwriting and make sure to fill out invoices completely.  Date, time, phone number, your initials and credit card information are all very important. 

  • Price every invoice before it goes on the board

  • Review the completed order with you customer. It may sound redundant but it is critical that we repeat everything back to them including the date, pick up time and the order details. Always double check your inscriptions. Have the customer spell names and repeat back. 

  • Cake orders must use accepted abbreviations follow this format:

Size” Cake Flavor

Filling/Filling Addition




  • Make sure you place your invoice on the correct board. If it is not for the coming week make sure you place it on the special orders board
  • We do not take orders for Monday unless we are planning to be open for a holiday. For example, Christmas Eve falls on a Monday every 7 years or so
  • If you are struggling with a customer’s order, do not hesitate to ask for help from your manager. Get a manager involved immediately with any special decorations
  • If you make changes to an order that has already been placed, notify the kitchen if the order is within the next two or three days. Especially with cake orders for Saturday or Sunday and the changes are made on Friday
  • If a customer cancels an order, mark “CANCEL” on the invoice then notify the kitchen staff and leave the invoice on the day’s board. DO NOT just throw it away. Write your initials and the date of the cancellation on the invoice.
  • We have many wholesale customers who call the main line and the chefs can be hard to understand. It’s best to ask a manager to take the order