Cake Orders

We are starting a very busy special order cake season! Showers, graduations, first communions, birthdays, anniversaries - spring is the season to celebrate!

Please help us stay on top of our orders! 

Remember: your order is handled by at least 5 different people - the person who writes the cake list, the baker, the cake builders, the cake decorator and the boxer all need to be able to read and interpret your order in the same way. Mistakes cost valuable time, can put everyone behind and adds unneeded stress to every day.

Study your cake ordering guide and know your abbreviations. These important guides can be found on The Front of House website or you can ask a manager for a copy. Know how to correctly take a basic cake order. If your order is clear and correct it will save a lot of back and forth between the customer, the kitchen and the decorators.

Know what decorations are complimentary. In addition to our four basic complimentary decorations (fresh flowers, fresh fruit, polka dots and confetti, and chocolate curls) we offer a selection of finishes and decorations at no charge. These are listed in your cake ordering guide. Please keep in mind that these additional decorations are available for special orders only - not for case cakes. Study all the finish options and know how to help your customer create a special cake at no additional charge or minimum upcharge. 

Know when to hand over to a manager. Once a cake veers into special decoration territory, it’s time to hand over to a manger. Please help us by getting all the basic info, date, time, number of guests,  size and flavors if possible. Talk to the customer and get a feel for what they are looking for - you might find that you can help them after all! 

Remember that we do NOT accept orders by email. Do not tell customers they can just send an email. Email is for use once a customer places a complete order and they want to send a photo for reference. Please do not start an order and tell the customer to send the rest of the info by email. If a manager is not available and you run into this situation, leave plenty of notes so we can follow-up. 

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