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Signature Cakes


 Make a Bittersweet cake part of your celebration tradition – because a party without a cake is just a meeting!  Bittersweet’s Signature Cakes feature our chef-created combinations of cake, filling and finish for the perfect flavor and texture.  Signature cakes include a personalized inscription and one of our best-loved decorations for a cake that looks as wonderful as it tastes.  

Orders placed online require 4 days advance notice

To place an order with at least 48 hours notice, call us at 773 929 1100


Signature Cake Flavors

almond strawberry brûlée

almond butter cake layered with vanilla bean crème brûlée custard and strawberry preserves and finished with vanilla buttercream. add slices of fresh strawberries at market price

red velvet

red velvet cake layered with cream cheese frosting and finished with cream cheese buttercream

chocolate raspberry

chocolate butter cake layered with dark chocolate mousse and raspberry preserves, coated with buttercream and finished with our dark chocolate glaze. add fresh raspberries at market price

lemon raspberry

yellow butter cake layered with lemon sabayon and european-style raspberry preserves, and finished with vanilla buttercream

classic carrot

carrot cake layered with cream cheese frosting with the option to add a thin layer of apricot preserves. finished with cream cheese buttercream

peanut butter & jelly

vanilla cake layered with peanut butter buttercream and strawberry preserves. choose from a peanut butter buttercream finish or dark chocolate glaze

banana & milk chocolate

banana cake layered with a light milk chocolate mousse and finished with a pale milk chocolate buttercream

german chocolate

classic german chocolate cake filled and finished with traditional coconut pecan icing and splattered with dark chocolate ganache

fudge caramel

fudge cake layered with fudge frosting and finished with salted caramel buttercream

coconut white chocolate

coconut cake layered with white chocolate coconut mousse and finished with coconut buttercream and flakes

hazelnut chocolate

hazelnut butter cake layered and masked with a rich hazelnut buttercream, and finished with a chocolate glaze

cake of the month

ask about our special cake and cupcakes of the month!

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